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Potty Training Made Simple

Posted by in Education: Child Education  ~  May 14, 2012 02:29:50 PM

Many parents rush to potty train their children because they compare their children to their friends’ kids who are already potty trained at two. They have the tendency to compare other children’s progress to that of their own child. But children are trained to use the potty only when they are ready. Child development rate varies and differs among children. You as a parent will know when your kid is ready to stop wearing diapers and use the toilet. They will show signs of it, like they may show that they are uncomfortable in a wet diaper, by their facial expressions. Or they might be able to say in their own “baby terms” that they have to go potty. So what do you do, how do you go about training them to use the bathroom?

First, you need to know exactly what potty training involves. What some parents may not know is that it does involves teaching your kid not only how to use the bathroom but also how to hold their urine or bowels and how to recognize the feeling that it’s time to go use the potty. Immediately after they start showing signs that they are ready to be potty trained, start teaching them about the toilet. Educate about what it is, how it’s used and why we use it. Have your little girl or your little boy observe you on the toilet and let them sit on it. It can also be good to schedule time out for them to sit on their potty while reading a favorite book or watching cartoons. You can let them flush the toilet. Even when you are using the bathroom, you can buy them their own potty and have them sit on theirs while you are using the toilet. You can be an example to them, because as we all know children have the tendency to do things they see their parents doing. So take advantage of this.

Now after a week of teaching them what the toilet is and what it’s used for, have them start using it whenever they have to use the bathroom. That way they know that when they have that feeling like they have to use the bathroom they have to go straight to the potty. Get special treats or toys they can play with only while they are on the toilet. That way they are drawn to it and like using it. You can then start teaching them that when you have to use the bathroom you have to pull down your clothes and wash your hands afterward.

Let me warn you potty training isn’t always all good and easy their will be times when they will be adamant about sitting on it. Don’t get frustrated or snap on them because then when they’ll develop an unhappy association with the potty. You can even give them treats even if they haven’t been successful in using the potty this will encourage them to keep using it. It may take up to even three months for your child to be potty trained. So don’t get discouraged because eventually they will get the hang of it. But if your child is over the age of three and isn’t trained within six months, I advise you take them to see a doctor. Other than that, everything will be all well and good. With patience, love and energy your child will be ready to use the bathroom on their own in no time.