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Five Outdoor Adventure Activities That Take Guts

Posted by in Recreation: Outdoors  ~  March 22, 2012 11:10:55 PM

Outdoor activities come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are rather laid back, while some of them take some serious guts to try. Guts and danger often go hand in hand, but not always. If you are a bit of an adventure seeker, then these activities may already be checked off your to-do list. If you are looking to add a little zing to your outdoor fun, however, then this list may be just what the doctor ordered. Here are five outdoor activities that take guts to try for the first time:

Rock Climbing

If you are afraid of heights, then this is a rather benign way of facing that fear. There are a number of indoor rock climbing facilities throughout the country that can slowly introduce you to the joys of rock climbing. These facilities have extensive safety features in place to ensure that you do not hurt yourself, but it still requires a great deal of courage for those that have a fear of heights. Of course, those folks that have no fear of heights can learn to scale the real deal over time and amp up a seriously exciting outdoor activity.

Hang Gliding

When you talk about outdoor activities that take guts, hang gliding is at or near the top of many lists. This fun and exciting outdoor fun means sitting in a glider and then going off the side of a cliff or other high place. You then slowly glide to the ground after a thrilling ride alongside the birds. This is not for the faint of heart.


Perhaps no other outdoor activity takes quite as much bravery as skydiving. Imagine soaring through the air with nothing but a parachute to slow your fall. This sport and outdoor activity is famous for being one of the most popular among adventure enthusiasts. Everybody should try skydiving at least one time in their life.


This is a sport that really has degrees of difficulty. You can take the easy way out and stay on the kid courses, or you can head out to the seriously amped up adult courses. Learning to snowboard is the first step before taking on the scarier courses, and one should never attempt to do so until the are ready. Still, the first time you head down a hill on a snowboard, you will understand the need for guts.

Outdoor Safari

If you have the financial means, and can afford to travel to Africa, then an outdoor African safari is near the top of the list of outdoor adventures. While in the African bush, you will be in close proximity to some of the deadliest animals on the planet. Lions, elephants, crocodiles, buffalo, hyena, cheetahs, and many more are potentially around every corner. Though there are safety precautions in place, the safari is still an exciting outdoor activity that requires plenty of guts.