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Macau - A Great Asian Escapade

Posted by in Regional: Countries: China  ~  March 26, 2012 02:01:27 PM

One of the busiest tourist destinations in the world right now is a small part of China that is of Macau - just off the coast of Hong Kong. Less than an hour away, you will be able to enjoy the best of Hong Kong shopping, accommodation and night life. Three centuries ago the land was inhabited by the Portuguese that it eventually became one of their territories outside their country. It was just returned to the Chinese government in 1999. The 329 year rule of the Portuguese government has provided significant cultural effects to the island that will eventually last forever.

Macau has numerous historical sites that are certified by UNESCO. These are mostly century old structures that were either built by the Portuguese or Chinese. Among them are the Leal Senado and various churches that can be found around the island. These churches were built as early as the 17th century. Some of them are now in ruins but most are still functional until today. The native Chinese also built their own temples during the 19th century until the early 20th century. You can get a tour guide to get you to these places but wherever you look, you can easily find historical site that is interesting.

Aside from the historical sites, the island never reserves on the kind of entertainment it will give to its visitors. Almost everyday, there are concerts, sporting events and plays that will both entertain and educate everyone. If you fancy a classical, pop, or rock, there is always something happening in the place. The island even hosts one regular season of the NBA every year. They also host a number of tennis and golf tournaments that feature the best of Asia and the rest of the world.

And the night in Macau is extraordinary. The island is full of night clubs and casinos that if you want to visit them one by one, you have to stay here for more than a week to get that done. Macau is particularly famous for their casinos. Hong Kong may have the best shopping, but Macau is also quickly catching up. If you have enough budget; you should get a penthouse in your preferred hotel. You’ll be enthralled with the lights of the island that doesn’t seem to fade until the sun shines. You can easily make out how big the island is as well as the fine coastline the island is separated from Hong Kong.

There are various ways of getting to Macau. If you are coming in from outside the country, you’ll have a various choices of flights to take to get to Macau. Manila (Philippines), Singapore and Hong Kong have daily flights that go to and from Macau. There are also ferries that will take you to Macau from Hong Kong. Almost ever hour, a ferry goes out of Hong Kong that will take you to Macau. And it’s not just in a business hour – it’s a 24 hours service guaranteeing that you’ll be there anytime of the day or night.

If you’re thinking of a great Asian escapade, choose Macau. You and your family will have something to talk for ages with this experience.