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Cheap Snowboarding Gears

Posted by in Recreation: Sports: Winter Sports  ~  July 09, 2012 12:28:06 AM

Snowboarding has become a huge sport throughout the world over the last ten years. With that popularity, cheap snowboarding gear has become a necessity for many avid snowboarders. The costs of the high quality snowboard gear has risen into the stratosphere, and many snowboarders simply can not afford them. When you are buying your snowboarding gear, it is very important that you know which corners to cut, and where to put the bulk of your money wisely. Here is an overview of snowboarding gear you might need, and which ones you can afford to go cheaper with.


Ironically, your snowboard is one of the few items that you can afford to save a few bucks on. Your snowboard can often be found at drastic discounts during the offseason. Try your best to save some money on your snowboard, especially if you are a new rider. Cheap snowboards generally are softer and easier to maneuver. They are also good choices for those snowboarders that are learning new snowboarding tricks. Better to break a cheap snowboard than an expensive one when trying out a new trick, right? If you are an intermediate snowboarder, then you may want to go with a more expensive option, but for the vast majority of snowboarders, a cheap option is just fine.

Snowboarding Jacket, Boots, Gloves, and Pants

When it comes to cheap snowboarding gear, your clothing should not be in the equation. This is a winter sport, and it carries with it the dangers of cold weather. Your jacket, gloves, pants, and boots should be of the best quality that you can afford. When you are deep in the woods, and the temperature is freezing, you will wish that you had bought something with some insulation. Go ahead and invest in an extra insulated, warm snowboarding outfit. It could be the best investment that you could ever make when you are on top of that mountain and especially when you are coming down it. Getting lost is not an overly common occurrence, but if you did get lost you would want some protection against the weather. You will also appreciate it when you climb on back of that snowmobile.

Snowboarding Goggles

Unlike your snowboarding outfit, your snowboarding goggles can actually be found cheaply. Snowboarding gear outlets and online snowboarding retailers offer goggles at a fantastic rate, and you should be able to cut a few corners in this expense.


Unlike purchasing a cheap snowboard, bindings are a different story. Bindings break easily when they are cheaply made, and you should invest in a quality set of them right up front. If you get a quality set of bindings, you should not have to worry about them for a good long while.

Cheap snowboarding gear is really a dime a dozen if you look around for them. You can find cheap snowboarding gear online, in sporting goods stores, and sometimes even at a local flea market. Regardless of where you buy them, try to buy in the off season. This is the best time to find top quality snowboarding gear at reduced prices. While you save that money, however, remember to spend the money you do have on your outfit and bindings. This will help you to enjoy your snowboarding that much more.